Which is the plug-in used in the blog page of the RealMacSoftware site?

Anyone can help me for retrieving the plugin name used for the blog page

I think it not a RW plugin. Appears to perhaps be Ghost. This is in the page html (pic below)… Someone please correct me if I’m in error. Also see the footer.


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The blog is currently hosted on a different service and not made in RapidWeaver :frowning:

We’re looking to move this to RapidWeaver in the near future as there are an increasing number of great options available that work with RapidWeaver :grinning:

However as you’re probably aware the rest of our site is made with RapidWeaver, and looks rather lovely!


Thanks to all!

If I use now the ghost platform, in the near future I can use the new RW plugin linking my existing Ghost blog?

Ghost and RapidWeaver are not compatible. There’s no plugin to make it work in a RapidWeaver website, you can however just link off to it.

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If you like that layout, you can achieve it with Total CMS. I published one of the demo project here… http://sandbox.joeworkman.net

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