New Boom stack by Doobox

Hi there,

Today Doobox released the latest stack “BOOM”.

With Boom you have total freedom to place individual audio tracks anywhere in your page, while each track remains inextricably linked to the others. Clicking play on any track will always stop play on any other track that is currently playing in the page.

Boom Player can be customised to fit perfectly within the look and feel of your design, colouring every aspect of the player bar with just 3 simple colour controls.

Boom will gracefully fallback to play your audio via native players on extinct browsers (pre IE9), see the browser support tab for a graph of the browsers that Boom supports in it’s entirety.


  • Fully responsive and touch friendly.
  • Extinct browser fallback.
  • Stealth mode (see custom settings).
  • Optionally autoplay.
  • Optionally loop.
  • Optionally preload.
  • Full colour customisation.
  • Unique play time bar with optional gradient fill.
  • Supports MP3, WAV, and OGG audio files.
  • Scalable player bar.
  • Independent volume controls.

###See a demo of the BOOM stack in action here.

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V1.0.2 Adds a micro player option. Just displays the player as a single button.
Thank you @Matthias for suggesting this extra optional setting.

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