Question - What audio player?


I’m sure I remember a post being put up here about a stack that could take your page with audio links in them and turn the links into an audio player. I’ve no other recollection other than this. Does anyone know what this stack is? I think the post that I read was a recent product release but my brain had gone into meltdown and I can’t remember for the life of me.

Many thanks in advance!

There are a number audio stacks
This is a one:

@doone128: I think the stack you are referring to is a new stack (unreleased) by Will Woodgate. I think he announced work on this stack last week, but I have no idea when it will be released.

Although not exactly what you want Will makes 2 other excellent audio stacks:

Usually when Will makes an announcement (like he did last week) this means the stack will likely be released sometime in the upcoming 2 weeks. It may be shorter. Or if he runs into unexpected problems it may be longer.

Playlister is also Total CMS (By Joe Workman) friendly, if that’s a future consideration…


Thanks Matthew. Funnily enough I seem to recall that it may have been @willwood that mentioned this. It looked super interesting as the ability to add a player to a link without configuring each individual file in RW seemed ace.


Was it possibly the leaked screenshot of InlinePlayer I posted on my Twitter account last week that you saw?

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Will: Yes, that was exactly it (for me at least). Seems like a great idea. Looking forward to seeing it sometime in the future.

Ah! Yes! That’s the one! Looking forward to this one for sure!

In fact, I’d be interested to see if this stack would work on an RSS feed stack, turning each feed into a player?

As an example, I have this page here which is created using Joe Workman’s RSS feed stack. Would your new stack process these also?

Additionally, will this also work with .m4a files or is it just mp3?

@doone128 It works fine with MP3, WAV, M4A and OGG files. I’ve tested some of your M4A links in a static page and they work fine for me.

Exact compatibility with other addons would vary. It would depend on how quickly those audio links from your RSS feed are being parsed into the page. If you put InlinePlayer right at the bottom, it might stand a better chance of catching those links.