🌋 NEW: Datably Stack - Oh CRUD!

I am super excited to announce my new Datably Stack.

Datably allows you to include data from a database in your RapidWeaver project.

During the past few months, I have been working really hard to create Datably, and I believe that it will help you creating sophisticated websites with live datasets.

So what is it all about?

Datably is a set of stacks which make it super easy to set up CRUD based web sites. The process of creating, designing and customising your CRUD interface is entirely based on drag & drop principles, no coding is necessary, neither is knowledge of SQL. For advanced use cases, Datably provides powerful features, such as an API and server-side filtering.

You can purchase Datably directly from our website, and for the early adopters I am offering a 15% discount until August 15th, 2021.

PS: I suggest to watch the Datably :movie_camera: video and to follow our :guide_dog: step-by-step guide to get your first Datably site up and running smoothly!


That looks awesome, nice work @jay :+1:

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Awesome work @jay.

Hoping there’s the ability to custom style the look (colours, rounding, etc) coming soon, rather than just “canned” styles?

Also needs the ability to hide fields from the Modal.

Great start! :+1:

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Thank you so much, @realmac!

@jacksona Thanks for your input, Adam! That’s greatly appreciated.

I was planning to implement further styles. I’ll focus on custom styling first.

Hiding fields from the Modal is a good idea, that will be on the cards for the first update!


If were doing a wishlist then I would like to add one (or two) …

  • enabling that a field has a link (for example to a record or other page/table)
  • easier creating a single record page (if I’m correct it’s now possible via filtering down to one).
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Link field - have you tried the “Link” Column stack?
Filtering - you can filter in countless ways, even chain them in “AND” and “OR”. However, it does not do a kind of “SELECT SINGLE”. I think that could be implemented as well


My apologies, I have to clarify it a little. I meant a link from one table to another. For example an order table with a field for client and that is a link to a client’s record.
A single record view would be even better if the fields could be placed everywhere (as in: not a fixed layout).

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Got it!

Though I think it could be created via the link stack and the use of the column setting and the value in a second column, right?
For the link itself perhaps using the API?

Certainly worth a try :innocent:

Yes, we are very excited too, great work Mr Barth :slight_smile: It is so easy to set up that I got it working without using the manual. The only problem I had was I used the wrong key, after clearing that up with Jay’s help, it works perfectly. This is actually incredible, that what is normally quite hard to set up is so easy with Datably. But now I will read the manual and watch the video - Thank you very much!


Does it have two-way sync?

@jay Awesome work, will make a lot of things easier :wink: If I had a wishlist, I would put a link to a page with a single record on top of it (so far I use a self made work around). Also, customizing styles would be great thing .

Thanks again


@Custard-Apple If you edit or enter data with Datably it is reflected on the database. What do you mean with two-way sync exactly?

Thaniks for your kind words! These two requests you mention are at the top of the list!

@jay There seems to be small issue with the Link Column. It’s not possible to disable (or change) the target, it always switches back to ‘_blank’

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Dang! That’s a bug. What happens if you enter a “blank”?

‘blank’ without underscore remains. But the link still opens in a new window / tab

Not nice. Will fix it and deliver it with the first point release. Sorry for that.