📢 New! Fonts stack

New Fonts stack! :tada:

This stack will provide an easy way to use your font for text. It is enough to throw the font into Resources, select it in the settings and write the name.

In a set: Fonts stack, Fonts Simple stack, Fonts Paragraph stack.




Version 1.0.1
Added gradient and shadow for text (effects).


Added Fonts Paragraph stack to be used instead of the text stack that is part of the Stacks plugin. After updating, reload the program so that this stack appears in the list of stacks.


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Version 1.0.2
For Fonts Paragraph: added alignment for text and the ability to adjust the font size. Sorry, but to see the new settings, you must restart the program.


Version 1.0.3
Reduced stack size.
Added a new Fonts Simple stack for easy font selection, without additional settings. After updating, reload the program so that this stack appears in the list of stacks.


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Another stack has been added to the set, Title stack. You can use it together with the Fonts stack or separately.
In the stack, you can add a picture before or after text or an badge (only before). Multiple settings are supported for the icon. It may be applicable, for example, for numbering a sequence of actions.


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This stack just keeps growing!

Isaiah, is it good or bad?

Seems like growing features for users is almost always a good thing to me. :smiley:

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A new stack (Title&Badge stack) can be purchased separately. Examples and link for purchase on the kit page.

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