New "Montage 2" stack by Doobox

Hi there,

Today we released our latest stack “Montage 2”. Built exclusively for Stacks version 3 and above.

Montage 2 builds on the original gallery stack while tapping into the great new features of Stacks version 3.
The concept is the same, fitting a collection of any random image into a perfect rectangular responsive layout.
We have built in a new touch friendly light-box gallery viewer that allows viewers on touch screen devices to swipe to navigate the full resolution images.

Lots more new options as well as a completely new way to work in edit mode with the stack.
You can view all the details and some demos of the stack in action here.


Looks good, Gary. Any chance of seeing what the captions look like in a lightbox? It appears to be an available setting, but I only see captions on thumbnails in your demo. I’m wondering whether I can have an artist’s portfolio with title, size and availability of each piece shown in the lightbox.

Thanks. The first demo has captions in light-box enabled. With the light-box open, the captions appear when the image is hovered over.