Platform - Doobox Montage2 not showing

building a website for a client with @jay Platform and having a photo gallery with @Doobox Montage 2
Montage 2 is not showing - the code it is all there.
Can somebody check please?

Thanks in advance

Hi @capetom, would you mind sending me your project? I don’t have the Montage 2 gallery stack, but let’s see what’s going on!


Hi @jay,
you have mail - wetransfer link

Already busy testing…

I’ll send you a PM

Thanks for testing.
Made a new project from scratch, Theme Mountain, inserted a new Montage2 stack - blank area.
Must have to do with RW 8.xx (tested in RW 8.1.7 AND RW 8.2.1). and Stacks 4 beta - my fault - don’t work with betas.
Sorry for taking your time, @jay

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Yes, it looks like I have some work to do to make it compatible with Stacks 4.

Thanks Gary @Doobox for checking.
Problem :sweat_smile: is - I like Montage2 and use it a lot

Same here - will current deployments break if I install Stacks 4 and republish all files?

No, current deployments work as expected. You just can not create any new deployments in Stacks 4.

There will be a new version for Stacks 4, but on investigating the issue it has proven impossible to take the current version into Stacks 4. The current version relies on a part of Stacks 3 that is simply no longer present in Stacks 4.

Previously when dropping an image into Montage, the stack automatically generated a thumbnail version of the image you had dropped in, to display in the montage. This is no longer possible, so the stack would require a complete re-work to work in Stacks 4. If I made those changes to the existing stack, then it would break existing deployments.

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Hi, I am happy to buy a new version of Montage to go with Stacks 4 :slight_smile:

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