📚 New Theme Documentation

Dearest Weaver Devs,

I’ve just started adding some theme documentation to our new support area.

First up is: Theme Styles — still a WIP, but it gives you info on the new sliders and number inputs in RW8.

That doc also has a link to an example theme which has all the new goodies in.

One update, which we have mentioned, but you might have missed, is:

Theme tags are now correctly processed in all theme files. Yes, you can now use theme tags in any CSS/HTML theme file.

I think that is an important update, which should make your life a little easier/nicer!

If you have any feedback or want clarification on anything, please let me know :slight_smile:



I think I found a bug in the new features like sliders and number input fields.

If you save a new Theme Style with changed settings in the sliders and numbers, these settings are not saved, or, when changing a style, not taking into account.

Thanks for reporting this, @instacks. We’ll take a look and fix it up :slight_smile: