Old Theme and RapidWeaver 7

I’m just beginning to look into RapidWeaver 7 and the first question I have is if I will have to abandon my current theme and choose a new theme for 7? I’m still using RW 5.4.1 and my theme is one from Tom Tran; I’m not sure if he is still around this site anymore? I can’t find any themes by him when I search. If I would have to choose a new theme to use RW7, are my only choices the 4 themes that are listed on the Introducing RapidWeaver 7 page?

There are well over 200 themes most, but not all are listed here,

hey @dasGewitter - that theme should still work in RapidWeaver 7 but (if not updated) won’t be able to use some of the new specific RW 7 features like Hero / site banner replacement.

That said, you can use most of the available 3rd party themes.

Okay, that’s helpful. My theme most definitely isn’t updated so if I ran into any trouble there wouldn’t be any support there and I would like all those new features to work. I’m going to move slowly and I’ll start looking at some of those other themes.