New theme: Introducing Clementi

Hi all,

Hope you are fine and healthy.

Clementi is a theme for visual artists who want a minimalistic way to display their work. The name is in honour of Muzio Clementi, one of my classical music heroes.

Main feature of this theme is the built-in slider, which requires no third-party plugins and is super-easy to use and customise. Here’s a quick video:

Clementi also comes bundled with the Photo Album stack (Stacks plugin required), for building portfolio pages and link images to pages in your project.

Learn more: Archetypon



Another great theme!

Can I place content under the slider? I was looking at the demo, i didn’t see any examples of that.
Also, since this theme is based on UiKIt… is it possible to bring sections from your UiKit projects like Caviar and place them in the theme layout?


Thanks @rolisize

For the background under the slider place the included Photo Album stack into a Background stack, set your background image and you’re good to go. You can even apply filters to the background image using the blend option on the Background stack.

As for the UIkit sections just copy & paste a section from Caviar (or any other UIkit project) into a Clementi page, works perfectly.


Thanks for the quick reply. Good to know I can put an image behind slider.

But I meant can I build a full page (copy, columns, etc.) below the slider. The demo highlights the only slider as a standalone, do I need to use extra content areas to do that? Or can I just drag drop stacks below it?

Yep sure, there are two ways: easiest is to use the included Photo Album stack and build a page adding content below. Or if you prefer the Photo Album plugin you can add content to the extra content container areas, after all there are 12 of them.

Actually this is a good point and idea: I’ll update that Portfolio demo page and add content below so to better illustrate this. Probably tomorrow as it’s almost bed time here :innocent:

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Here’s the Portfolio page with content after the slider:


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