Dear RW Developers

First, much gratitude for all you hard work in developing cutting edge Stacks and Add-ons for RW. I know most work very hard to make sure they work on a variety of browsers, but I have found that some image stacks don’t behave nicely with themes from other developers. Recently, I have bought Michael David’s In Motion slideshow Stack, Joe Workman’s Moving Box stack, Workman’s Impact stack, Yuzool’s 3D card stack, and Nimble Host’s Parallax Slider. I’ve had issues with each.

When it first launched, I purchased Nick Cates SuperFlex slider and it has an option for “Banner Import” which works very nicely on a variety of themes from other developers. Why isn’t this option built into ALL slider stacks?

I’m hoping that the RW developers will, in the future, take care to make their stacks and add-ons with the capacity to use them on other developers themes. Why can’t every slide stack have the “Banner Import” option that Nick Cates built into his SuperFlex stack. It seems like a no-brainer.

When I reached out to developers to resolve the issues I’ve been having, I got back an explanation that the theme has to have “edge to edge” capabilities. Well, the theme I was using does, so my issue is ongoing.

Please RW developers, take the time to make your items a little more user friendly with others’ themes. I know I am reluctant to spend $25.00 on a stack that I can’t use, except for on a handful of themes. Also, when making your themes, please build them so that I can choose the slider I use and am not tied to ONLY the sliders you build. That would be AWESOME!

I likely won’t be buying any more stacks or add-ons until my issues are resolved or changes in development are made. I mean, I have bought a ton already. :smile:

D. Millington

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Interesting post.

I have a lot of sliders in my collection (not impact or moving box though) and I have a lot of themes. To be honest I can’t recall the last time I could not get the slider I wanted working perfectly in the theme I wanted to use.

In fact I just bought in motion and this evening got it working absolutely perfectly in the mighty Freestack Responsive theme with virtually zero effort.

Do you have any published (so we can see) examples of where you can’t get the effect you are looking for? It would be fascinating to see what’s going on…

I have not published any, except for where I used it with the theme Michael David released it with. Because I can’t get to work properly, I can’t make the changes to clients’ sites that I want, unless I use SuperFlex, which I’m considering.

Thanks for you reply

My stacks should work with any theme. Obviously, I don’t have control of how some themes are developed and conflict can potentially happen.

You also should be aware that theme have access to all parts of the webpage because its responsible for building the structure of the page. The theme also defines where the page content from the plugins go. This is the area where stacks get put. Extra Content has been used for years to help get around that. Sometimes, its perfect, sometimes not.

I have no clue what the “Banner Import” feature is. But I assume that its just a want to add a banner from the theme as an image? RapidWeaver 7 will have a cool new feature where you can manage a site wide and page specific banner images. This will be a great thing to have for sliders.

If you have any specific use cases right now that I can help with, I would be more than happy to.

Shame you’re having these issue - Have to say i use several sliders and lots of themes and no problems. I think you will need to be more specific about a few of these issues - which slider with which theme etc - to see if someone can help nail them

I can provide a link, because Impact does work with the themes mentioned. You can see it here:
You can see that the stack works with the themes, are they edge to edge, no, because the Iris theme from NCD does not offer that (from what I can tell in the settings) an Edge to Edge option for any non-nick cates slider (meaning SuperFlex). If I am wrong, I would love to be shown how to do it with that theme.

I mention Iris, because I am working on the ticket from @DMillington on Joe’s support and this is the main theme he keeps mentioning in the ticket. As you can see on my test, it works, again, without Edge to Edge, but I do not see where there is a way to get it to work unless you are using images added to the resources or using SuperFlex. As far as I know, Nick Cates has not offered the option to include the “banner import” of SuperFlex to any other developers. I could be wrong, but I do not think so.

@kryten mentioned Freestacks, yes, Impact will go edge to edge in Freestacks, Foundation, BootSnap and Pure as they are made to have edge to edge for more than just images.

EDIT - You can see on my page, that trying to make SuperFlex Edge to Edge does not work either. It is a page under the Iris menu.

The Iris theme does have edge to edge, but it is for specific things, a single image, or a video, but it does not support edge to edge for slideshow stacks, not even SuperFlex.

For other developers to add the “banner import” Nick would need to share this idea with the other developers of sliders, and that is something you would need to ask Nick to do.

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Try leaving Themes and embrace FOUNDATION, in the long run you will have fewer problems.

Having said that, I do have a few themes that I really like and they definitely have their place…just not for everything!

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Zeebe, I believe I wasn’t clear or you misunderstood me. I didn’t say Nick has “banner import” in his themes. I said it was in his SuperFlex Stack.

As for SuperFlex working in Iris as an edge to edge banner slideshow. You are correct, it doesn’t work. I mistakenly made the assumption that because it creates edge images, it would do it for the slideshow. I was wrong on this theme. However, it works seamlessly in other themes that support edge to edge, where others, like Impact, does not. I sent you screen shots of this in my work ticket. I’m assuming you got them and are looking in to it.

Devin :smile:

I mis-typed what I was meaning, I know it is SuperFlex, but the Theme Developers have to know how to do this as well as the Slider Developers, and that is on Nick Cates, not the developer to get the information on how to do this.

Also, the screenshots are great, but if I do not know what themes they are, a screenshot showing an issue tells me nothing. So maybe reply to my last email with a list of themes you can not get it working in, so I know which ones.

I purchased SuperFlex 3 the moment it came out. Then again, I typically buy Nick’s stuff the moment they come out. Love his stuff. Still working on the issue. Thanks for the heads up. :smile:

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If you are still having issues with Cart Stack - please email and let me know.
Always making updates to Stacks so will try and get your requests in :smile: