New: Thermopyles Project for UIkit

Thermopyles project is available today for UIkit framework. It comes bundled with a dedicated stack for Armadillo users and a ready-to-use Armadillo blog (Armadillo set of stacks are required).

As all Premium Projects, Thermopyles also include all images so you will receive a ready-to-use pro-level RapidWeaver project, just customize it for your needs and you’re ready to go.

Check the Projects page here:

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the drop down nav menu for the works link, where you get an image of the works instead of text…is that option available with the standard addons or only with this project?

@rolisize This is a feature of the navigation menu, it’s included in the Starter Kit. I have a video about it here:

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Love this project, bought it as soon as I saw it had an Armadillo stack. Its been a great help with understanding how to use UIKit as well. Interestingly I am finding UIKit more intuitive to use than Foundation, I don’t have a lot of experience with either so just an observation from a relative beginner.

Hi @Lucas, I’m really interested in the new Armadillo stack that comes with Thermopyles. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now…something that gives me a more visual, magazine-style blog layout. If I buy Thermopyles, can the Armadillo blog stack be used without UIKit? i.e. Can I use the Armadillo blog stack to add that cool blog layout to a Foundation site? Or a site built with any theme?

Hi @garth, yep this is a nice add on to the already amazing Armadillo. However this stack will work only with UIkit and Armadillo of course.

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