Armadillo... hovering over the purchase button!

But I have a couple of questions…

I will primarily use it for blogging, and most of my blog posts are likely to be made when I only have my iPhone with me. I have tested the demo site at Nimblehost and it seems I can create posts from my phone and add images from my phone to the Blog post. However, the image is not made “responsive” by default, (when I viewed my test post on my iphone, the image extended beyond the viewing pane and was not resized as I would have hoped…

I am guessing there is a simple fix for this; either a general setting somewhere to automatically resize images as required, or perhaps a small modification to the post by editing it in html mode? is this the case?

One final question, the Blog page seems to list the blog posts in a single column. Is there a simple way to have the blog posts displayed in a nice (responsive) grid?

Thanks in advance!


Using CSS you can control this. And custom CSS can be added via the Armadillo dashboard. A couple of things that will likely help:

.armadilloContent img { max-width: auto; height: auto; }


img {
width: 100%;
height: auto;

I hope this helps.


Thanks Mathew,

That’s much appreciated and looks relatively straightforward for the image resizing question. Don’t suppose you have any thoughts on the blog page layout question?


Mark: As far as I know there’s no way to easily do a grid layout. I’m sure there are less direct ways to do this using grid stacks and some Armadillo stacks, but my guess is you want something akin to this being done automatically. And I realize it’s a popular layout for blogs right now.

Someone else might have better ideas as I haven’t tried to do this myself. Plus it’s always possible this is something on @nimblehost future features list.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I would class the grid layout as a “nice to have” but not essential feature. It still looks like a great product.

It looks like Total CMS has the grid layout option, but of course that is a much more pricey option. I’m sure many folks can justify Total CMS and it does look great, but I think my relative novice status would benefit more from Armadillo…

Thanks again,


There are some ways to accomplish a grid-style layout, using a combination of the Armadillo Blog Headlines stack, together with the built-in grid layout stacks included with the Stacks plugin itself (or those provided by other 3rd party developers).

Traditionally, I’ve stayed away from having Armadillo apply its own styles to the blog, as the theme developer typically does this (Armadillo’s Blog uses virtually identical code as the RapidWeaver Blog page type, which most theme devs include styles for). That being said, I am seeing a trend with more people wanting additional layout options, and I have that on the feature request list. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!