Newbie: preview of site on local machine

Hi I am new to website creation. Found getting to grips with the basics fairly easy for someone who has no website development experience.

I have run into a problem, it may be what I am expecting is not possible, here goes.

After creating the index and contact page I have done an export to view what it looks like on my local HD. I launch the site from HD using the index.html page, works fine, when i click on contact it only shows site tree. Can anyone please explain why this is happening.

Many thanks

Webpages are designed to be served by a web server.

If you want to “preview” your site ahead of publishing it to a hosting company,then you’ll need to either install a web server locally like MAMP(the free version will work) or use RapidWeaver by right clicking the page and preview in browser.

Many Thanks for the info.

I have installed the free version MAMP, the problem I have is I have no idea how to tell MAMP to open the website I have stored locally.

I have looked at the documentation and some videos but they all seem to make assumptions that anyone installing such a product knows how to configure it.

Would be good if somewhere on RW site/forum there is a simple step by step how to set up MAMP for use with RW. If there is I have not been able to locate the tutorial and would be grateful if you can point me in the right direction.

Many thanks in advance Tony


Hi Will,

Many thanks for your suggestion.

Exactly what i was looking for,nice simple steps especially for someone who is not familiar with website development.

Works a treat, many, many thanks

All the best


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