No Index.html file on publish to local host


RW 8.2.1 Stacks 3.6.6 foundry

On Publish to Local folder all files published however there is no Index.html file only an index.php file.

Is this correct behaviour?

If so, how do I view the published site locally?

This is my first site so there is a possibility I have overlooked something very basic.
I have searched the forum and not found anything relevant.


I was creating a one page site and had included a foundry form stack. This changed the index file to php.

I have made a second page with the form on it. And now I have a Index.html file. Kinda breaks the design though.

If I publish the site to a web server will the index.php file work there?


What you must avoid is having both an index.php and an index.html file in the same directory. You may have to use an FTP program to remove an unwanted page. Most form stacks force the use of php because this is used to protect your contact details. As long as your hosting company has a compatible version of php running, all should be fine.

Yes something on the page requires PHP.

Web pages are designed to be “served” by a web server.
RapidWeaver has a built in web server, so you can easily right click on the page in the left sidebar and choose “preview with” and choose any browser you have installed on your mac.

If you want more control for local testing a site then you’ll need to install something like MAMP. MAMP actually runs industry standard full blown web server (Apache), database(mySQL) and PHP locally on your Mac. That way you can emulate the hosting company environment including the version of PHP. There’s both paid(pro) and free versions of MAMP. The free version will work fine for testing on the mac itself, the pro version allows you to test with any device on your local network like iPhones, iPads, androids and Windows machines.

Assuming the web hosting company plan supports PHP yes it will. Most all do but there’re a few out there that don’t.

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