Newbie Trying To Keep It All Straight

Just wanted to post a first note to dip my toe in the water. I tried out RapidWeaver back many years ago and never accomplished anything with it. Now I have my personal site to build and I’m back.

Don’t have an immediate question because the community forum took care of it before I could post it. (Was wondering about mixing Stacks among different developers and found that not mixing Foundation and Foundry stacks in the same site is advisable.) Have to say I am impressed with the forum functions. The questions it asks when posting and the guidance it gives about things … very helpful. And the scan of the topic comparing it to past topics is just brilliant. It found just what I was looking for.

Sure I’ll have a slate of questions very soon.


Well, welcome back Terry. This is a great community and there are plenty of people willing to help out when folks like you and I get into trouble!

Yes, the forum is an invaluable source of help for RW-users, both new and experienced. It is also worth joining and There is also a Facebook group.

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