Odd Library as Window Selection Behavior

I’ve changed my Library view to be a window. I have to click twice into that window in order to select an item so I can drag it to my project. I just want to click once. Oddly, if I click holding the command key down, it selects the item I want and I can drag it with only one click. I really want that to be the default action.

yes. that’s ugly. i know about this one. it’s one of those things where i haven’t been able to come up with a good solution so i keep procrastinating. :neutral_face:

adding first-click behavior to a floating palette without stealing the focus (the first-responder) from the main window is tricky.

i will see what i can do. i suspect i’ll have to limit the fix to just the very latest version of RW/macOS – since it will require relying on the specifics of the window.

but, i’ve filed the bug and tentatively penciled in in for the next point release. even if i can’t make it 100% better, i suspect i can improve things substantially.