Am i doing something wrong in the Library?

Hi All, in my Library i have made a Folder labelled “Foundry”
I then go to the Stacks folder, type “foundry” into the search box and it quickly finds all the Stacks with the Tag “foundry”
I then select all the stacks found with the tag “foundry” i am thinking i should be able to drag them all 61 of them into the “Foundry” folder.
But i cant do that because as soon as the mouse touches any of the selected items, they are all DE-Selected except the one with the mouse pointer thereon.
What am i doing wrong please ?
Dragging and Dropping them individually is very longwinded, surely there must be a quicker way of doing this ?? please


Right click > add to…

@PaulRussam Hi Paul, i wish it would do that, with my touchpad i touch the bottom right corner and all the stacks become unselected except for the one under the mouse pointer !!! and I definitely dont get a menu pop up.

I havent consciously disabled Right Click anywhere !


This is what I get when I rightclick on a stack/group of selected stacks

@PaulRussam Wow, thank you for that Paul, i can now see what i am missing. I wonder were i shall have to look to put that right ?. What a dammed nuisance.


You can activate the detail view in the bottom of the stacks window, select the cog and you will get the same menu.

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Hi @jochenabitz Jochen you were of course spot on, i didnt know i could do that :slight_smile:
well done i thank you most profusely.
I am now far more organised than i ever was :slight_smile:


If you are using a trackpad that usually a two-finger tap is the same as right-click (although this default is a user-preference and some have it completely disabled). If you have it disabled, have a track-pad that doesn’t support multi-touch, or have a one button mouse, then Ctrl-Click is always the same as Right-Click.

However, int Stacks I try to make (almost) everything that is available as a right-click contextual menu available in an obvious discoverable menu too. So in the case of the library, the right-click contextual menu is always the same as the gear menu.

Hope that helps.


also: Multi-item drag and drop is on the future feature request list. :wink:

@isaiah Wowe, YES your suggestion Ctrl-Click does work :slight_smile: yet again, i didnt know i could do that, thanks.

@PaulRussam @jochenabitz In fact thanks to you all for endeavouring to help :slight_smile:


BTW: That applies to every app. It’s a feature of macOS as a whole - give it a go. There’s always a lot of good contextual menus available everywhere.

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thanks @isaiah i will try and remember that, thanks