Offroad theme banner squares how to remove them?

Dear all,

I was working our website and I found after publishing, that there are some squares next to my menu bar (see attached).
How can I remove them from there?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Nothing attached. A URL would be easier for folks to help you out with.

oops! there you go…

Unfortunately that URL is a local address, like from preview in a browser.

Did you actually publish? If you haven’t yet a public URL even if it’s a test page would make it easier to get help.

Hi Doug, sorry, I was out of the office.
There you go:

Thanks in advance.

I think you’ll find they are there to indicate a sub menu.

Yes, I have seen that but, I don’t like them, I would like to have the menu without the squares, or at least I would like to change the squares to other symbols. Is that possible?

Should be changeable / removable in the Theme settings, if not contact Theme developer.

I usually see those squares when a theme is trying to use Font Awesome icons - like the downward pointing chevron - but for some reason, they’re not loading properly.

In fact, if you add this free stack to your pages - - you should see your squares replaced by down arrows.



@ Dave and Doug, thanks a lot for the feedback.
@ Rob, thanks for the suggestion!! it works and it will be visible in my next update of the website. I already tried and check it on the preview page.

Have a great day!


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