Old Forum is the New Forum?

Starting getting notifications again. Is this forum back? Why both? Just looking for an explanation not judging.

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This is a legitimate question @realmac

How you gonna proceed in the future?


Classic forum? And Elements forum?


I thought about that. But classic was announced in the other forum and this one opened long before elements. Plus they are answering questions about the existing RW. All very confusing or at least strange. Two different resources serving the same purpose. Both building up a legacy library of answers. And why not restore all the lost information when they closed the last forum. It was closed because it was too spammy. What changed?

We’ve had a few requests, and it seems some users prefer this forum.

We opened it back up on the low-down, just to see how it goes.

It’s no trouble for us to help users on both forums.

Just a bit of an experiment really :upside_down_face:


Might I suggest you restore all the data that was here. Years of experience. Obviously do as you will.

All the data is still here, it was never removed :slightly_smiling_face:

You are right. My apologies. I guess because everything is locked or out of a filtered date range it is not in “latest” view. Indeed if you drill down a category it can be found. Thank you. :smile:

No worries :relaxed:

This has been fun to re-open the old forum, but the traffic is pretty low and has confused a few people, so it’s probably time to shut it down for good.

You can visit the new forum here and sign-up for an account here.

We hope to see you there :wave:

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That’s a shame. The new forums are difficult to quickly see which threads have new posts and to see just those new posts.

As someone who tries to keep up on questions and helping out if someone doesn’t get an answer, it’s too hard to do on the new forum. I stopped tracking the new forum, but when this opened back up I resumed monitoring here. I don’t have the time to devote to the new forum, so until it’s as easy to monitor as this forum, I won’t be doing so. I know a number of other users who have the same difficulty with the new system and there are fewer of us helping users over there.