Hiya, am i the only one that didnt know about this new forum?

I have only just discovered this new forum, having been a member of the old forum i was a little disappointed in not knowing the forum had changed and then i found out i had to sign up as a new member, and i assume all the old posts have all gone along with a few contacts i had made along the way !!!

Reading between the lines i guess the old forum was badly HACKED ?

it looks as if this new forum will take a while for me to get used to all over again, you have perhaps have already guessed that i havent used Rapidweaver for a while which is partly why i havent had reason to try and find the new forum before, I have to admit i got very dissillusioned with RW6 as it kept crashing and doing all sorts of other things which has given rise to a lot of UpDates so hopefully all the bugs are now sorted out ? , now the nights are drawing in i shall hopefully have time to start playing with RW6 again.


Hey Timmy - great to hear from you! @hal9000 aka @statatamical here. This place has not been the same without you!

RW6 no longer scratches your car every time you open it. Stacks 3 is like “any moment now” and take it from me… it is freaking AWESOME! You will love it…

It’s guys like you who gave the old forum it’s personality so roll up your sleeves and dive right in. I’m here if ever there is anything I can do for you buddy…

@kryten cheers buddy, i will get used to it, i am currently getting in the mood by listening to the Rapidweaver Show pod cast, starting with number ONE :smile: