New Forum for Rapidweaver

Good luck with the new forum…“Death to all spammers!”


I hope, that we can live here without spammers.
Thank you, @dan !

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Wow, this new forum does look really good! Thanks Dan for creating this new home for the Realmac community. :smile:

Thanks guys, I have a feeling things are going to work out really well here :blush:


Brilliant new forum, well done guys!

I am so happy I won’t need to wade through spam posts again!


Indeed, may their skin be ever soft and their attacks be ever flaccid!

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It still needs more green.

Great Stuff … just deleted a spam on the old site then found the new forum post …
Thanks very much guys … looks awesome… :slight_smile:

Bravo! really like the new forum!!

Good Stuff Broham :+1:

Looks like it might work out fine - Looking forward to seeing it fill up w/ topics :smile:


Thank you for the new forum! Am so looking forward to a spam free environment.

Glad to see the new forum up and running. Can not wait until it is used fully by everyone. One thing, maybe I missed it, but @dan is there no way to message individuals?

Congratulations! Great to see a spam free forum.

All registered and ready to enjoy the new forum.

Looks promising! And its good to be able to see contributors at a glance.

Hello Dan. Will you also create international areas in the new forum?
The german users will thank you :wink: We have more than 2400 discussions.


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I’m not sure at this point. Perhaps someone in the german rw community could setup and run their own rw forum - We could then point germane users there… Just a thought.

Next trial. Forum No #03. Or is it #04? Or even more…?

O.K. looks nice. Spam in the old one was never a problem for me. I always waited until Oscar (and some others) cleaned it up… :wink:

@dan My thought on a German or or language specific part: It’s a must. It’s a question of customer orientation. You have so much users that cannot understand English, so it is essential to support these people in their home language.

In the first moment it might be a nice thought to outsource the German (or another language) community and only link to that German forum. Sorry, for me this is a little bit annoying. I think it is the job of Realmac to do customer support in their own forum for the main customer groups. I understand that you cannot serve all languages, but German (and some other languages) are not a special and rarely spoken dialect.

My few cents on that…



I agree that foreign language forums should be hosted here but perhaps RM could invite interested RW users to contact them and offer their services to help run them.