Opacity stack ? or a way with the Joe W Jack Stack

Anyone know of a stack that creates a transparent image ? Ive got JW Jack Stack which will make a background image transparent by % - perfect, but unless there’s something in the stack the image doesn’t show ( unless missing something obvious ) - I just a couple low impact logos to fill some gaps, I can do them outside RW but was wondering !


Most likely the image in the Jack stack is being added as a background? In which case, you need something in then content area to give the stack content area some depth, whereupon the image will appear.

Try sticking any container stack in there, like a column or summit, and giving it some top padding.

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Hi yes - that’s exactly what it does. Putting dome containers in there but even with full padding and margins does allow the back ground to show more than about 20%

Ok found a work around

Jack stack
Add image as background
Image size contain
No repeat
Position Centre centre
Ive set the opacity at 20%

Add Dox Box Shim ( fantastic little stack ! )
Shim Type - Manual
Shim height 200 in this case

This works in preview no idea how it will on mobile yet !?
Might help some one else , hence adding this but if some knows a better way - please let me know

Is all your trying to do is add an image to the page and the image somewhat transparent?

If so, your workaround seems unbelievable complex.

If this is the only way this particular image is going to be display, my approach would be to simply drop the image into a photo editor and either add a white overlay at whatever opacity I want, or reduce the mage opacity, although this will mean saving as a PNG and that might result in a large file size.

Alternatively, Stacks4stacks make a stack called Tint Stack, it’s free: https://stacks4stacks.com/tintstack/

Simply add that to the page, drop the image into the dropzone, then apply a tint that is the same as the page background, at the opacity you want. Technically speaking, the image isn’t being made transparent, instead a trans overlay is being added to the image, but the end result is the same.

yes it can be done outside in a editor but sometimes you want to do something on the fly. Tbh its not that complex its just a couple of clicks and done. But I did wonder if someone had come up with a stack ,they usually have done :slight_smile: thx for the link ill go look now

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