Jack stack with warehouse image not working

Anyone using the latest Jack Stack with warehouse images successfully?

I haven’t been able to get it to work and I was hoping that someone who is currently using the Jack Stack can confirm whether Warehouse Image works for a background image. I am able to get the background image to work as a non-warehouse image. However, once I check ON “warehouse image?” and link it to an image in resources, it does not display in preview mode nor when I publish it to my website. I just get a white background.

Any suggestions?

My understanding is that a warehouse image has to be stored on a server, rather than being dragged into the Resources section of RW. Try uploading the image to your web server and then ‘pointing’ to it and see how you get on.


Thanks Rob, I will try that.

Actually, you can use the resources, you just need to copy the URL from the Resource once it is published. You can see in this video

So it appears that the path the resources use is different from what is required for warehouse to work. For example, the image resource was pointing online to http://www.haskell3d.com/resources, when in fact it needed to be http://www.haskell3d.com/resources/imagefile.jpg.

Therefore, I will have to use direct links via URL rather than resources in warehouse for the Jack Stack. If this is the case, then what is the use of the resources option for the Jack Stack if you cannot use it?

Thanks for the video Zeebe! Unfortunately, when I cut and past the clipboard it does not contain the image name, only the directory path. Was your video created using an older version of RW6?

Regardless, I now know the workflow, but it would be very helpful if the Jack Stack connected the links for you when selecting the resource, instead of having to manually do it.

Further update:

It appears if you drag and drop an image into the resources, it will NOT (50/50 chance this happens) create a direct link to that image. Just the directory location will be listed. However, if you click on the +Add button and select your image from here, then the new resources will have a link to the full path and name. Therefore, I will just have to make sure that my resources have direct online paths instead of just directory paths.

Thanks for your help.