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Hello everyone!
I had gotten so much useful information out of this forum already so I figured I would giver it a try…
So: We are collecting sightings for certain invasive species via our website here:
the thing I would like to do is to make all the collected data (minus contacts) available online as well. Now this might be more of a google spreadsheet question, but perhaps someone knows of a way to make this happen:
We are basically collecting sightings of 4 different species throughout the Mediterranean. I would like to get an output in a map of the Mediterranean with 4 different symbols for each species one - that show up as soon as a sighting is submitted on the map. This way it would be incredibly easy to find the results you need within seconds…
Anyone got an idea on how to make this happen? Thanks a lot already!

open street maps can do this, it’s not a stack (although their may be one) but you can embed the code in an html stack.

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