Introducing.....Charter stack! (V1.1 now live 🎉!)

Hello all,

I’ve another new stack that I think you might like…Charter! A stack that makes creating stunning charts in your RapidWeaver projects a breeze! The stack is built on top of chart.js - an extremely powerful chart-generating javascript library. I have tried to harness that power into a simple to use stack that will allow you to add stunning (and fully responsive!) charts to any project.

The stack currently allows you to add 7 types of charts: Pie charts, Doughnut charts, Line charts, Bar charts (horizontal and vertical), Polar Area charts and Radar charts. More chart types will be added in due course but I think that is enough for starters :wink:

There are also countless options in the stack that allow you to control things like titles, tooltips, legends, labels, gridlines, colours and much more!

Did i mention that the charts are interactive too? If you hover over any of the data points you will see an information bubble/tooltip and clicking on any of the items in a legend will toggle that item’s visibility.

Please check out the site to see all of this in action:

If you like what you see then until the end of July you can get 20% using the code sth-charter-launch

As always, any comments, questions or feedback welcome.

Enjoy :smiley:


This looks fabulous! Congrats. Will be purchasing this week. Perfect for my needs where I create course websites both “data” and “visualizing data” are essential components for several of my courses.


It looks fantastic and is reasonably priced. Congratulations.

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Congratulations, Stuart :slight_smile: Amazing tool!
Would like to know if this stack is compatible with RW 6 too.

Thank you!

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instant purchase. Great!

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Hi @vess - Thanks for checking it out.

I’m not 100% sure to be honest. Unfortunately I don’t have v6 to check. I think it should be fine. Stacks 3.5 is required though.

If there is anyone that could check this for Vess I’d appreciate it. I’ll see if I can get hold of an older version somehow too.

Thanks a lot @therealmf. Appreciate that :slight_smile:

And if you like v1.0 then I’m sure you’ll love what’s coming in v1.1 (a sneak peak is here)!


Whoa, so @habitualshaker does this mean that we’ll also be able to implement the “View Data Source” button? Love what you’re doing with this stack.

In these days I will make the purchase. Great job :smile: !!
I guess it will integrate seamlessly with Foundry, right?


Thanks @Mathew :grinning:

It’s not part of the stack but can be easily done. I just made it with @nickcates AB Stack (which is great but seems to no longer be being developed) and a stack that can display a table from a csv file (I used Foundry’s CSV table).


hey @TINO Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Yes - it works great in Foundry (my site is actually built with Foundry as the base).


Got it. We’ll I can easily enough replicate that then. It’s a nice combo of having chart and table. Nice update regarding how to handle data entry. Very nice addition.


Hi vess, I’ve just done it with RW6. It’s working fine :grin:
You can download the RW6 project file for charter examples below:

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Hi Stuart, charter is working fine with RW6. Just tested it and replied to vess :grin:


Thanks a lot @juebai. Much appreciated. :+1:

Great stack BTW. More thinking outside the box from Stuart.


Thank you for your help, juebai :slight_smile:

That made my purchase decision easier.
Really great stack.

Have a nice weekend!

Super stack! Using it already on a driving test website to show how many enquires they have each month. Works great on mobile too. I can see many uses for this stack in the future.

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Let me confirm - as juebai wrote, Charter Stack works perfectly in RW6, Stacks 3.6 :slight_smile:
Really great stack!

Thanks a lot @Boray and @vess. Appreciate you taking the time out to comment :slight_smile: Is really good to hear that you are enjoying the stack.

Pat - your use case there may be a good contender for working with a csv file (coming in v1.1) as it might be easier for you to update that as opposed to the full RW project each month.

Talking of v1.1…It’s getting closer to being released. It has the csv link and a few other nice new features. If anyone that has v1.0 want to do a bit of beta-testing on it then please DM me and i’ll send you a copy of it once i’ve done a little bit more testing.