Option to update Custom Styles when they are modified

(Rene Zuch) #1

I dont know how many times I already reported this but I try again.

I work a lot with custom styles and often that is a process.

Imagine I created a custom style: Gallery.

Now I change a setting and want to update the custom style: Gallery.

I miss a functionality to update an custom style.

The only chance I have is to save the custom Style with exactly the same name.

It should be solved like this:

(Brad Halstead) #2


Hey Rene

Have you sent the FEATURE REQUEST to support@realmacsoftware.com?

It’s a good one BTW.

In Addition, to have RW automatically update the custom Theme on the various pages on the site that it is used…


(Rene Zuch) #3

Yes I did. And your addition is an excellent idea as well.


(Rob D) #4

I got one more idea regarding themes and custom styles (don’t know if that is possible to implement, though). Would be great if – after updating the theme to a newer version – we could apply/transfer/copy custom styles from earlier version of the theme to the newer one by pressing a button instead of digging into and editing plist.

(Rene Zuch) #5

I thought about this as well but it will be a bit more complicated as the options could have changed between the two versions. On the other hand at least matching options could be transfered.

Thanks for adding this idea.

(Scott Steven) #6

Actually its easy enough to find the styles files and bring them along separately. makes this a two step process is all

(Cielito Gonzales) #7

This would be a neat feature if RW can incorporate it.

A few years back, I ran into a potential major headache when a slew of updates were issued for themes I use for clients’ sites. I have not yet joined the RW forums back then and searched the web for a solution. I stumbled upon Nimblehost’s Theme Backup Guide, followed it step by step, and it worked out for me. I’ve since adopted this method with every theme I customize. So far, so good (fingers crossed).

But it still would be a great help if I can update custom styles by just clicking a button.