Master Style auto save

well. yes that says it all. i just lost 2 hours of work because the master style changes where not saved automatically. something i would expect to happen the way the interface is designed. since there is no “save” button to be seen on the first level of interaction with the master style i sort of expect that this will be saved automatically. well now i know :frowning:

Hi, Ruby,

Every app has its own UI-idiosyncrasy. You can’t expect every detail of an UI to be self-explanatory, especially in a complex app like RW. It always takes some time before you get used to it.

The “Save” button is well hidden in the interface :wink:. You need to click on a little “gear” symbol in order to see it. Take a look at the screenshot below:

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thanks for your answer rob.
i posted my comment here as a suggestion for improvement for future versions of rw.
i don’t expect things to be the way i expect or hope them to be.
but i do expect (or better hope) a clear visual guideline when using any app, no matter how complex it might be. this here would be easily to solve i think. eg. a little pop-up warning when leaving the editor or a visible save button.
i did find out how it works and what i needed was the “update custom style” feature since i already created a custom style when i started working on the project.
still i find that i have to be careful and remember to update manually everytime i change a style.
thanks again, ruby