Out now! Free Animated Roboto Bold SVG Alphabet

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #1

Yes and yes I finally managed to finalize it. Cheers and enjoy :smiley:

Animate letters of a word?
(robertreinink) #2

This is awesome, Thank you for your time and effort!

(Gary) #3

Very impressive…

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #4

Thanks, thanks for the support, much appreciated :+1:

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #5

Glad you like it, be sure to let me know if you use it for some of your projects :sunny:

(Dave Farrants) #6

Many thanks, look forward to trying it out.

(Ben) #7

very cool ! thanks you

(Bill Fleming) #9

can’t download it, it keep taking me to checkout then when I click download it repeat the step and take me back to checkout again

(Dave Farrants) #10

This explains all - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cgeiDn-0Cs

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #11

Hmm should work, I tried it a couple of times and I see that a lot of folks have dl the thingie from the Paddle stats. Maybe a bug with Paddle? Let me know how it goes!

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #12

Yup that’s right! Thanks for pointing @ my tutorial @DaveFox :sunny:
@benb As I told you in the email this is not for everyone, it demands a few things of you but actually it’s far more easy implementing this into RW with the marvelous BWD Blueprint SVG stack than any other framework that I now of.

PS. Actually a friend of mine, Fredrik, developed a tool on how to implement Keyshape animations into React. If anyone is intersted, here’s the link: https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-keyshape

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #13

Have you checked your email? Paddle works like this: they send you a dl link via the email that you fill in. Never direct dl. Important. :smiley:

(Bill Fleming) #14

yeah I just got the email now.

What was confusing that after I made the purchase, it sent me back to the page with download button so I kept trying to download which open the cart again so I was repeating myself between download and cart

The button on your page should had said Purchase instead of Download to open the cart pop up box. Or Purchase (free)

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #15

Ah thanks for the feedback I’ll make sure to implement this very soon! Yup that is very confusing, sorry.

(Bill Fleming) #16

“Add to Cart (free)” might be better but you get the idea

Awesome jobs on the SVG!

Thank you for sharing it

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #17

Changed it to “Purchase (free)”, don’t have a cart so maybe this will work for a little while :smiley:
Also, I really try to listen and act fast to feedback so I imported these tutorials to the “demos” page:

And thanks!

(Bill Fleming) #18

Maybe “Checkout” would be better wording to use but it less confusing for old fart like myself now :slight_smile:

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #19

You can now follow the project on Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/designforventures/animated-roboto-bold-svg-a-z-alphabet/overview

(Michael Kitchen) #20

I have managed to download the item, but when trying to view the tutorials in Safari, hovering over any window makes the contents twist slightly, the pointer becomes an ‘enlarge’ icon and I am unable to see any tutorial.
Please advise.

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #21

Just go to my Youtube if problems with the tutorial page, should be fine: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEVUXQ_QB3ECsfLFe_S1nzQ?view_as=subscriber

I’ve used Joe Workmans Video Wall stack, I know that in Firefox you need to press the “play” button on the video itself to get it playing. But never heard about problems in Safari. Also you need to go up to the “player window” on my website after pressing. Or you just go to my Youtube channel :smiley: