[Podcast 33] - Web Icons

(Brad Halstead) #1

Thanks @dan @ben for another great episode…

In the discussion you disclose various formats for web icons needed for various things.

If users want an APP for that, @Doobox makes a nice App that will take an image, make a PNG and ICO file for your website out of it. The ICO file contains the 3 sizes required. Does nothing for SVG format though.

It’s useful, inexpensive and saves a whack of time…

Just thought I would throw that out there…


(Mark Sealey) #2

Yes, thanks.

But… having been so clear about the correct way to pronounce Leicester and not once getting it wrong, you went and let the side down with Gloucester.

(Jason Bostick) #3

This resource was passed along to me as well: http://realfavicongenerator.net/ Outputs a ton of different options (including Pinned Tab svg’s)

(Cielito Gonzales) #4

@Turtle , if you mean converting SVG into icons, I use Iconverrticons for that.

I haven’t used the app from @Doobox yet but I’ll play around with it and all the other stuff from them. @Doobox had a great mega bundle deal and I got the whole lot – including the kitchen sink. :smile:

Anyway, if you want to convert SVG into icons, you might want to try Iconverticons.

(Brad Halstead) #5

Thanks for that @eagerweaver, no, I was saying that Doobox’s app does not make an svg for you. But your link is excellent non the less :slight_smile:

The Font Awesome image creator is pretty cool too!


(ben) #6

Glad you enjoyed the show, if you haven’t listened yet, you can do so here: http://rapidweavercommunity.com/podcasts/the-rapidweaver-show/33

Remember to subscribe in your podcast app of choice, as we’ll have some more exciting RapidWeaver 7 chats in the coming weeks :smiley:

(Gary) #7

One thing to check with ico and web images created by online and App generators, is the size of the files they generate. Some are absolutely huge!

I generated a very simple ico file with an App and it created a 75K ico, yet the same original optimised png was 0.5k. Even the web images are a few Kb but at least you can optimise the pngs.