Page Preview loop

While I was doing my live hangout yesterday and demoing RapidWeaver 8, I got it stuck in a strange preview loop. I will share the video soon when I get it edited.

I cannot replicate this on my laptop this morning but was able to do it twice on my MacPro yesterday. I wanted to post about it today before I forgot.

Basically, I previewed a page inside RapidWeaver 8. While in Preview, I clicked on another page to preview it. This immediately triggered a preview loop. The new page that I selected would preview. After that was complete, it would go back to the page that I was originally on. Then back to the second page, and so on…

The only way that I could get it to stop was quitting RapidWeaver.

It likely has everything to do with the content/stacks on the page at the time. Without that info this report probably isn’t super helpful. It just confirms the bug exits.

I’ve now heard it mentioned by two users and you. But no one seems to have any more details than that.

If you do notice it again (and you’re not in the middle of big demo) stop and take a few screenshots. Note which stacks were on the page. Copy the project file to another location. Think about what you were doing right before the bug popped up. Were you switching between pages? Did you just edit a property? Your theme? Some project settings? Saved recently?

RapidWeaver jumps to another page when it gets a notification that the URL of the current page has changed. Probably when the window.location variable changes – there are a bunch of JS events for that.

RapidWeaver starts a new preview when any page properties change – like changing the name of the page – or when changing some content.

My guess is that these two events – along with a longer than expected preview render time – are fighting a battle. One triggers that causes the jump to another page which triggers something else – which jumps back – etc.

What we need an example of what triggers this. Even if it doesn’t trigger it every time – at least to know what can trigger it.

Making the bug more repeatable will be difficult since it probably involves some type of race condition. So right now, just knowing the specifics of the pages it’s jumping between is a good start.


We came across this one as well

Thanks all, we’re looking into this, will let you know if we need any more details!

I nailed it!

  • New Project
  • 2 Styled Text Pages
  • 2 simulator windows
  • While in edit mode, toggle between pages very quickly. You have to catch it while its still generating the preview of the page. Then the loop party begins…

Just tried myself and yes I can replicate this also.

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Perfect, thanks guys!

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