RW7 Stupid Question, How to live preview

Ok one of the things that sold me was the live preview in Safari etc. How do you do it? The video was great showing it can be done, but where do I do it from?

The video would be great if it showed you were you went to do the live preview not just that it was done.

Choose Preview Page in Safari from the File menu (Safari will be replaced Chrome if that’s your default browser – I’d probably stick to one of those or perhaps Safari Technology Preview and avoid wonky Firefox and others).

Cmd - P works too.

The preview that’s open will be “live”.
So you can now go back to RapidWeaver, makes some changes.

Then (and this is the magic bit) click back over to the web browser window – as soon as that window is active it will auto-magically update.

Pretty nifty, right!!!???

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We’ve also got a video here you can watch too:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I did watch that video however how did you do it was my question. I know it could be done, but getting to the live preview is what I can’t seem to do.

I think @ben was just using the shortcut keys. You can access it here in the File menu:

As @Elixir said, I was using the keyboard shortcut, sorry! I’ll update that video so it’s more clear.

Preview as suggested above. Then it “just works” :slight_smile:

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It is definitely a cool feature. And one that you don’t really realize is cool until you start playing with it and doing things like this: Fun Live Preview Trick with RapidWeaver 7

I was just about to post a question on just how you got to the Live Preview as well. I rewatched the section where you jumped into it, but there is no visual or verbal cue on just how you went from edit to Live Preview. A huge gap for the viewer to understand how to get from A to B. I’ve been hoping for something like this for a long time, so I REALLY would like to know how to do it.

Just a plea to developers to keep in mind your audience is totally unfamiliar with the steps that are (more than) second nature to you, so pay attention to the details of the steps involved.

I just read the Fun Live Preview Trick with RapidWeaver 7 link posted by Isaiah here: Fun Live Preview Trick with RapidWeaver 7
and really think this should be shown in the video. It’s not even mentioned! This is huge! No one will even know it’s there unless they read Isaiah’s post.

Live preview and being able to put the resource folder in dropbox are my two favorite new features!



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Isaiah’s little trick is just one of many things you can do with the Live Preview feature. Perhaps down the road @ben will give us additional videos trying new, interesting things with Live Preview. I think his basic video is good though. If he updates it with the menu option, or mentions the shortcut keys, I think it will be a great starting place to learn about Live Preview.