Page URL title showing %20


Why am I getting the % and the 20 in my url title?

My home page is fine but other pages have the %20 on them in the URL looks odd when sharing the url


Hi @FutureBoy

The %20 represents a space. It is considered bad practice to have spaces in your urls. Rather make use of hyphens (-) or underscores (_) if it is absolutely necessary.


Thanks Beem!

I didn’t mean there to be a space in the url but now I know why so thanks.

On a side note regards to url titles does it matter whether the title is all lower case or with caps etc is there any difference? Or shall I just put ‘videoproduction’ all as one word or VideoProduction as the title?

You’re welcome @FutureBoy.

I’m sure others more experienced than me will weigh in but here are my 2c:

I don’t bother with case when it comes to page urls, I use all lowercase. I do try to focus on good practices though like hyphenating words/phrases in urls that I want to be considered for SEO, keeping urls as short as possible etc. Page titles are another story but since you can pretty much type whatever you want for those, it isn’t an issue.

So in your example, if it were my decision, I’d use “/video-production” for the folder name and “Video Production” as the page title.

I hope this helps.


So the reasoning behind putting the hyphen in the folder name is that when people search (with SEO in mind) they would usually type Video Production if they were looking for a video production company, is that right?

I have changed the folder name to have a hyphen but then the url is now

Yep, that is correct.

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To be honest, I’d go for lowercase in all urls but that’s just me.

Here is a link to some interesting comments on this:

Good luck with your site, it’s looking good.



Great what a template can do:-)

Thanks for your help on this.

Ah but the final product is still up to the designer. :slight_smile: You’ve made a good start.

You’re welcome. There are loads of really knowledgable people on this forum and I learn from them daily. You can pretty much pick up most of what you need to know by checking in here regularly.

All the best.

Yeah I’m trying to add content as I go.

I have been a member for a good few years but haven’t used it for a long time. I’ve just re-registered today to start using again

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Ah, welcome back then! :slight_smile:

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