Deleting Redundant Web pages in Cpanel

When I first created my website the gallery page for kitchens my cabinet shop produces were named things like:

Kitchen 1
Kitchen 2
Kitchen 3

This was generating some really goofy URL names.
Kitchen 12, for example would be listed as

I understand that the character % represented a space. Not really sure what the 20 in 2012 stood for.

To clean this URL address up I changed the folder name from Kitchen 12 to Kitchen-12
Now the site reads: This is much easier to read and will probably be easier to manage when it comes time to point someone to it.

MY QUESTION has to do with the extra page name on the server. Whereas I used to only have one page named Kitchen 12 I now have and additional page named Kitchen-12.

Can I just delete the first instance in cpanel without any injury?

Yes… you can delete the original page. You might want to set a permanent redirect to the new page also, especially if your site has been indexed by SE’s.

The 20 is actually part of the % as the code. In a URL the encoding for a space is %20

Thanks Greg. Good to know about the 20 part of %20.

Fortunately for me this is still a practice site. None of the pages are indexed yet.

Did you use “Kitchen-12” or “kitchen-12” for the folder name? It’s best to use lowercase for the URL (folder name & page name).

thanks don
that completely escaped me

I am guessing that lower case page names and URL names is best for EVERY webpage?

(asking for a friend)

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Lower case letters, numbers, no spaces, - or _ is best practice for any part of the URI. That’s the path( directory and file name).

Definitely avoid any characters that require Percent-encoding.

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This has been a real cathartic thread for me.
The site has so far been assembled in bits & pieces and, as luck would have it, contained lots of capital letters and spaces.

So I went through and carefully renamed each page and deleted the old ones. I discovered a lot of general goofiness along the way.

One thing that got fixed was a glitch that showed up in backups. I have the backup frequency set up for once a day since the beginning. For some reason over the past several days the site would go into backup mode every time I published a change. This is a little distracting because once I publish I want to move to my next new idea. This problem appears to have gone away. It now just backs up once a day again.

The backups also seem to take less time. This makes sense because I deleted a lot of redundant pages. The pages also seem to load faster after the backup. These last two metrics are just anecdotally measured so I can’t be sure.

But thanks again for the heads up about the capitalization & spaces. That would have taken me a lifetime to stumble onto by myself.

It’s all those “behind the curtains” things that many people forget about and ignore. Make sure you have all the proper meta tags, “alt” labels on pics, Description, etc etc etc. If you use RW long enough and get diverse enough you’ll even find that the page NAME (in the left hand column) gets used by some plugins, stacks, and such. There are the things that show up in browser “History” etc that many people don’t even consider when making sites.

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