Page width is endless. How do I correct this?


I don’t know how to constrict the page width. Using F6 & RW 8.7 (20860)

All the pages in the site can be scrolled to the right, causing blank views. On the bottom of edit screen, manual adjustment is not checked, 1464 x 913 & user agent “desktop” If I start a new project, it’s the same but only 1017 x 842.

I haven’t changed anything that I know & have scoured posts for any tips.

Site is I have a lot to clean up on the pages as I experimented with stacks, etc. But welcome any suggestions. Thanks

Add an F6 Container stack to the page and create your website inside the container. The container will constrain the width of the site to the width set in the site styles stack which is 1200px by default, or wahtever width you want to set.

Thanks. Don’t know how I missed that. Does Site Styles go inside the container also?

No, site styles doesn’t need to go in a container as it only styles the page, it doesn’t display content.

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