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I am new (again) to Rapid Weaver (last time was v4) and I am working on building sites. For every page(.html) there is also a page_files directory with the same two files in it. a .CSS file and a .JS file. and it is the same two exact files in all the folders (directories). Is there any way to either move all to a common directory and all reference the same files/file location OR embed the two files inside the actual .html files?

or can RW already do this and I dont have the right option turned on somewhere?

thanks for all your help!!

(Dick Sijtsma) #2

In version 7 : under ‘general settings’, there is an option ‘advanced’. Check ‘consolidate css’ checkbox. This will move all global css to one file. Also check ‘minify css & javascript’. Maybe that helps.

Another thing: don’t be tempted to change the name of the index.html file to another name. If you don’t do that, the folder names becomes part of your url. That way, you can create much nicer url’s and you can change from html to php some time, if you need to.

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No way to embed CSS into the html.
The option to consolidate CSS will reduce multiple CSS file for a page into a single CSS file for that page.

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