Paragraph spacing- stacks

Hi Folks

I cant seem to find anyway of choosing the size my paragraph spacing when i use a text stack? is there such a setting or way of adjusting it?

Many thanks

The text stack uses the paragraph spacing defined by your theme. You can override spacing using CSS but there is no setting for each paragraph stack.

When you are editing the text, look at the stack’s settings pane and you will see that you have advanced text formatting options there.

Hi - i see that there are options for font size, font weight, line spacing, letter spacing and word spacing and capitalisation but nothing for paragraph spacing - or am i missing something?

Thanks Peter

I thought that you wanted line spacing. Sorry. The following CSS will help you… (you have to format the text as a paragraph though in the HTML menu)

p {margin-bottom:16px}

My Foundation stacks do this already if you are using those…

Thanks - do you mean I select the text i want and change to Paragraph in the HTML menu at the bottom? and then were do i place that code? (sorry I am new to this!) thanks

Place the code in the CSS tab in the page inspector

Thanks - works perfectly