Padding settings seem to be altered

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I had thought that if I used the same padding at the top of a text stack as the padding at the bottom, it would have the effect of centralising the text vertically. However this doesn’t seem to be happening. Please see the footer on which uses the YourHead Text stack inside the Joe Workman Fit Text stack. The padding of the YourHead stack is set to Top 20, Bottom 20.

Have I misunderstood padding? Is there a better way to do this?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. Novice!!

(Doug Bennett) #2

The problem your having is the paragraph (text stack) uses the sitewide bottom margin of 1.25rem. Your padding is being applied the way you described, around the <p> paragraph. How did you add the text to the text-stack? I did not think it put paragraph tags around the text. Not sure I don’t use styled text much, but get rid of the paragraph tags and you should be ok.

(David Wilkinson) #3

Thanks Doug,

The YourHead Text stack doesn’t allow control over

settings. see attachment.
Interested that you don’t use styled text. What would you use instead?


(Doug Bennett) #4

I can’t read your screen print (too small for me). I would use something like ParagraphPro from Big White Duck.
I would get rid of the text fit stack. use the paragraphPro settings to center your text and remove the bottom margin.
Big White Duck’s stacks are free, but if you like it you should donate.

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Thanks Doug. Really useful information.


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