PayPal error message - Solved!

Paypal is sending this info? Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.
Any Help Please…

I’m not seeing anything, I didn’t go through with the donate, but I hit the button and selected an amount and it launched the PayPal sign-in screen.

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Thanks I figured it out. It was a problem with the add an different amount.
Thanks for checking

Same Problem. New link

Could really use some ideas here

Have you checked with @yabdab?
Theres an error on your page that seems related to the ‘Cancel URL’ (which seems to be a requirement of the stack). What do you have set there?

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Yes I have sent a message to yabdab.
I don’t see a cancel URL anywhere in the stack. There is a success and failure URL I currently have them both set to

The cancel URL is in the PaySnap Base settings.

Here are all the base settings.

I can see it in one of the screenshots you posted. Have you just found it? Did it solve the issue?

Where do you see it?

It’s in the top left screenshot under “Return URL”.

Have you tried switching on Debug Mode to see if you get any pointers?

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This is what the debug says



VERSION: 2.0.3

PayPal Email:
Currency: USD
Return URL:
Cancel URL:
Notify URL:

Weight Unit: lbs
Cart Handling:
Cart Tax:
Use Sandbox: false
Shipping: 0

OK Button: OK
Cancel Button: Cancel
Cart Title: My Cart
Cart Footer: Powered by PaySnap
Confirm Delete: Delete this item?
Checkout Warning: Checkout not possible with zero total.
Empty Cart: Cart is empty.

I’m just guessing here, but it might be that the Cancel url has to be a different page to the one that is submitting the payment?

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I have tried that and have had no luck.

  • Could it be the email is not a capital “R” at the beginning?
  • Double check the email is correct

Also this might help (PayPal settings), worth a try:

Your customers may also see this if Encrypted Website Payments set to ON . Setting it to OFF will resolve the issue. This setting can be adjusted from within your PayPal account by navigating to Profile → Selling Preferences → Website Payment Preferences and selecting OFF under Encrypted Website Payments

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The email is not the problem I have tried both ways. I have seen the Encrypted Website Payments, but for the life of me I cannot find navigating to Profile → Selling Preferences → Website Payment Preferences and selecting OFF under Encrypted Website Payments

Found it! and it is off

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In that case might be worth asking PayPal?

They should have more information on the error.

You’re right - it’s not the email. I just tried it in my Checkout Stack and could send you $10…

I’m not saying it’s an issue with the Stack you are using. But something is definitely not quite working and PayPal might give you the information you need to see what to change or variables to make sure are input.

Good luck with it!

Thanks for taking a look, Appreciate it!

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This was an issue on an older version of PaySnap but is fixed in the latest version. Did you check the Stacks Update feature to see if a newer version is available?

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