Need to create a Form / Donation Page

I need to make up a donation page (mock up tonight and build for real tomorrow early morning)

Ive just taken a really quick look and Im thinking Forms Plus (chilidog software) and combine it with Check Out (or Stripe stack) (yuzool) Needs to work with Stripe.

If anyone has done similar I’d be grateful for any info. My one thought is … and I havnt checked out the stacks yet is that I should allow for an auto email reciept (which I see that Forms Plus does. … But I’ll need to figure out how to get the correct amount donated on the reciept.

I’ve used MachForm for quite awhile and it works great. It will work with Stripe, Paypal, a number of other options.

Can send confirmation emails, etc.

If you can explain clearer what you are after (step 1, step 2, step 3) that would be helpful.

You can more than likely do it with the included form in Foundation if you are using that as your theme. (I thought I remembered you asking a foundation question)


I’ll know more in a couple of hours when I have talked to the client.

Last night I just wanted to get ahead of the game a little. Forms Plus (chilidog software) is amazing ! I have created a demo and incorporated Cart2(Yuzool)

I had forgottn about the forms stack ! But im hooked on Forms Plus now.

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