Pdf embed 3.1 size for display

What is the ideal pixel settings so that the full page shows up on a webpage? The default is 500px
When I change it to a larger number I get a lot of blank space below? Any thoughts?

Perhaps it is not too important to enclose the entire document in a frame? You could just use the default 500px and scroll?

I’m afraid there is no “ideal” pixel setting for the PDF-frame in a web page. Obviously, it will depend on the dimensions of your PDF document. You will have to experiment with that. Publish your page and see how it looks. Then, go back to RW and correct the size setting. Then, republish…

Thanks Rob,
I had been using PDF viewer from RWtuts which automatically made it fit to the first page. Since they have gone out of business and are no longer supporting it it has been unreliable. I will figure it out!

PDF embed from Weaver.Space works well

I thought that’s what the post is talking about? only stack I know called PDF embed is Joe’s.

We were. I had been using the other one and it sized automatically. I am now using Joe’s and it doesn’t. That is why I asked the question. Thanks

PDF.js v2.2.228 (build: d7afb74a)
Message: Failed to fetch

I get this error with Crome but not with safari?
Any thoughts

Personally, I use the ‘Embed’ stack from @willwood and it works great for me. This stack makes it possible to embed not just PDFs but also HTML-5 audio and video, single images, directories of images and any iFramed content (and it’s free).

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