Correct image files to use?

Wondering what the best type of images to use and not use and how to size them correctly? Are screenshots OK? Jpgs? Tiffs? PDF?

Hi Robert,

When it comes to images for the web it’s key to keep them as low as possible in weight and as high as possible in quality to keep an acceptable loading speed. I use images of 1720 pixels wide for big banners and try to keep them under 300k. Smaller images on your pages can be 300 pixel, 600 pixels or 900 pixels (or sizes in between depending on how big you want to show them).

I would mainly go for jpg. I only use png when I need transparant images. Tiff and PDF wont work. To show PDF you will need a stack like Embed or other.

You also need something like Squash or Photoshop to reduce the files. But even in Preview you can set some size and compression.


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