Scale image fail

new to rapid weaver, i can’t minimize any image… when i scale it low in edit mode, and i go after to preview it’s fulls screen… how to do ?


Hi, @miralf,
We need more detailed description than that to be able to help.

What are dimensions and resolution of the image you are using?
What are dimensions you want your image on a page?
How do you place the image on a page (which stack do you use)?
How do you “scale it low”?


i’ve different size from 300x300 to 1000x2000
i don’t use stack i just copy the .jpg by click and drag
i double click on it and then i change the 100% button to a lower % as in rapid weaver 5 before…


Do you have the Stacks plugin? If you don’t, I strongly suggest that you get it. It makes the whole process of website-building much more flexible and it expands your possibilities enormously.

What resolution are JPEGs that you drag into RW (for example: 72 ppi, 300ppi or something else)? I suspect that your images may be in wrong resolution.

When I tried to replicate your steps on my computer by creating a Styled Text page, then adding an image and double-clicking on that image, I was able to resize it to 20% and it showed in that reduced size in Preview with no problem.