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Hi guys, hope someone can help. I’m looking to merge images and text together and have tried using the Layer stack but I’m just wondering if anyone can recommend a stack that has a bit more functionality? Maybe easier to play around with the image placing behind the text and if possible a “fade” option for the image to save me editing each image again in photoshop




Hi, thanks Chuck. I have Eternity, but I want to add a series of images, one above the other. Here is my test page:

I’ve tried Target, but it seems complicated to configure (for me!)

At the moment I’m playing with Layer stack which looks ok on my macbook pro (Firefox and Safari), but on an android phone the text in the front window cuts off short unless I add lots of blank lines in a text box in the back window,

All suggestions welcome from anyone please

Many thanks


I only see two images on your test page?
I think dropping Eternity in the stack of your choice (grid, collumn) and proceed from there?
It can go within any stack.

Thanks, I’m done staring at the screen for the day but will give Eternity another go tomorrow :slight_smile:

Have a look at my announcement today…


Two columns stack. (or other)
Left side column will be text.
Right side Eternity above another Eternity.
Drop text onto eternity stack.
Place images in Background image: settings.
Eternity settings will be “background scrolls with page”
Adjust other Eternity parameters.

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Take a look at this sample…using a few different examples.
Let me know if you need the project file.
the bottom one is target

Thanks everyone, I have been struggling a bit but I think I have managed to understand how to use Target. It gives more precise control over the image placement. But does look different between laptop and phone screens. One thing I have found though is that I need to restart RapidWeaver several times to get it to upload changes in Target settings

thanks again everyone for your help :slight_smile:

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