New Eternity 2 stack by Doobox

The second generation of our extremely popular Eternity stack is here.
Eternity was released some 5 years ago, and proved immensely popular. The new version 2 comes with some great new features, and a height management system that allows yo to add anything you like inside, without fear of the content spilling out or getting clipped by the stack, while vertically aligning your content where possible on larger screens widths.

You can see it in action here :


@SteveB No, but there are no reports of any issues, and many customers use Foundation, as well there shouldn’t be :slight_smile: There is nothing in the code that is likely to conflict.

I have just tried it out and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Gary! :sunglasses:

I can’t seem to get the text to move over the background for ipad/iphone settings? It does work for MacBook Air settings. Am I missing something here?

Here is the web page:



its working for me, if you mean lights, camera, action text, see attached

Yes, the Lights, Camera, Action (first race of the season on this property). The graphic should move down over the photo, but doesn’t on both a Nexus 6p and an LG G2. I have not tried it on an actual iphone (have to borrow that from my wife). The countdown slides and can be dismissed by clicking on the ide message. I see you are using a simulator. I just checked both an iphone 5 and a mini Ipad and the graphic stays static to the photo, only fading as I scroll down.

@pete IOS devices can’t simultaneously fix a background image while having it cover an element. On IOS, if you have selected both cover and fixed background, then the background falls back to scroll on IOS.

Hmm, ok, too bad, I really like the fixed background and sliding graphic, but most of my athletes have phones. So I ended up using two stacks with different images for each, New Eternity 2 for full page and a jpg with graphics for iPad and iPhone sizes.

Hi I’ve just bought that Eternity 2 stack (as I did have the old one too).
Could somebody please tell me how to set up the stack for having a single fixed image into the whole background? - I think I have tried all kind of possibilities into that stack but the background does always appear into the content instead of the full background. I’m using the HV-Cefalus theme, but tried with other themes as well.