Please increase viewable Filename field

Please make the “Filename” field bigger in “General Settings” panel. User should be able to see the entire filename without entering the filed and moving cursor to right. A field of double or even triple height would be gret (like “Description” is on meta data field)


Thank You.

You do know…

Not meta-tags panel… the General Settings panel. All my filename are long because I use filename as part of search results weighting with Zoom.

Thank you for the response Brian.

And thinking about it… Why does the label say “Meta Data?” The Folder, Filename, and Encoding are not considered meta data are they? Perhaps “File attributes” would be a better label. (Though Browser Title would be meta data I guess.)

Most times you’ll want to keep your file name succinct. People will after all have to type the filename if you’re not using index.html or index.php. I mostly create my pages with the folder named as you have, and then use the file name of index.html. This way the user could just type this in their browser:

If I used a file name other than index, the user wanting to visit just that page would then need to type

Just something to think about when building pages.

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I have 1700 pages. I hardly think I could name them all in some way that someone could remember url names… :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean when you say “people will have to type in the filename” - You don’t expect people to remember the url of every page they visit? Yes, I do understand the concept you are promoting but it is just not practical. That is why I have a search feature on site that gets most of the use. I work very hard at “weighting” and maintaining meta and other things so that good search results will be returned to visitors.

I do appreciate the response.

btw… all my main sub-section pages do carry the title “index” :slight_smile:

No, I definitely am not suggesting people remember all of the URLs on your site. But people will inevitably type that URL at some point, for whatever reason, and not needing to type a filename is way better than typing a loooong one. That is all I was saying. Heck the person typing that long URL name might be you more often than not, and using index.html or index.php would save you needing a filename in your URL at all.

Generally the most accepted practice for naming your pages is to use index. This is just my suggestion though as someone who has been at this for a while.

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Adam… I do appreciate the reply. But I’d rather have a powerful search tool than rely on someones memory to return to a page. With Zoom on my site and proper weighting techniques my search tool returns the proper page within the top few results almost every time. One of the “weightings” comes from the url. Thus, the more the url matches keywords and the title of the report (page) the better.

Then you get into campaigns and tracking for analytics… add “?” parameters on urls for php scripts etc I think the days of having “simple” urls are pretty much over. Most people can’t tell the base url from all this add on stuff and they don’t even attempt to “remember” urls any more. That’s why proper search tools are so critical these days.

Just an opinion… and… I could be wrong… (And usually am.)

Again… I DO appreciate very much your feedback.

Let’s take the homepage of apple for example. I can almost navigate blind the website with the URL in the browser. I want to go to the download page? I want to go to the support page? I want the appletv page? I like this approach very much.

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Let me be clear. I use “index” on the main sections of my site. (reports, help, bookstore, directory, etc) but when I have a “reports” directory with hundreds and hundreds of reports I can’t expect anyone to navigate to any one of the 1700 pages by memory. Or how do first time visitors even know my main sections?

Can you navigate to a specific knowledge base page on Apple by memory or induction? Perhaps you can get to downloads and store, but specific pages that you may not even know exists?

It is much more important to me to have a great working search tool and url name is involved in that. I DO layout my site with short names where appropriate. But using my search tool returns the appropriate page immediately with the best match almost always on top.

Here is a typical Amazon link:

Now strip off the “junk” and you are still left with:

How are you going to Navigate to that if you don’t know it exists? By using a good search tool.

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