Tables Bundle from Joe Workman

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When Using your table stacks is it possible to import a table from excel into the stack so you don’t have to retype all the information? And if so do you have a tutorial on how to do it.

Do I cut and paste? save the excel file and import it in?

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You did check Joe’s website right?

If you purchased the Tables Bundle, go to this URL and click View Content and it slides open a nice little area that shows the stacks that are included in the bundle. Click one and watch the video…

Or, you can go to his Doc Portal and view the documentation for each stack in the Bundle there (and for everything else he sells as well).

Check out PowerGrid CSV… he explains it very well…


Another option might be to open Google Docs and import your info into a spread sheet and then just import the sheet via Pluskit or another route. You can then just edit your sheet in gdoc when needed and it will auto-populate on your website.

PowerGrid CSV imports CSV files or Google Docs Spreadsheets…


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Ok I have the power grid, but how do you import them? I tried to look on how to do it and couldn’t figure it out.


Power Grid CSV is the one you want to use, it is part of the Tables Bundle

As per the instructions on Joe’s website…

`Power Grid CSV in a Stacks Page
When you drag your Powet Grid CSV Stack out, you will see the above stack appear on your page.

There is nothing to edit in the stack contents, you will do all of the configuring in stacks settings. The only thing that you can do in the content area is to turn on the CSV cheat sheet. When you do, you will see this:

Power Grid CSV Cheat Sheet

You need to link to an actual CSV file. CSV files can be made with any Spreadsheet app, like Numbers or Excel. Once you have your CSV file ready, you need to be able to link to it. This can be one of two ways.`

First, you have to have your CSV file on the server already or in your Resources
When you click on the stack Power Grid CSV, ALL EDITING is done through the Inspector, including linking to your CSV file.

If a Google Spreadsheet, follow these instructions

Does that help?

Maybe I am overthinking this. so I have XXXX.exl file and I want to use the information in that file. Do I add i too the resources folder, or something else. I think that is where I was going wrong I am attempting to upload it and can’t find how to upload it into Powergrid CVS.

First, you need to make the file a .csv file, Numbers or Excel can export it for you. Next you can do one of two things:

  1. Use an FTP app and put your .csv file on your server. Then get the link to the file and use that in PowerGrid CSV.
  2. Drop it into the resources area and link it that way

ok so that is what I am doing wrong. I knew I was overthinking it. Thanks guys. This will save me a ton of time for my project I am working on now.