Preview for my Foundation Template: California

I introduce my first Fondation template: California. With 4 very different styles, i think it will be a nice starting point for your next web project.
What you need is Stacks3, Foundation, Header Pro, ScrollMate and the great Sections stack from BigWhiteDuck. Release date is not set. Let me know your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Live demo soon.



Looks nice to have the different basic styles, however, I would suggest different layouts as well as different styles imho to attract more people to desire it.

imho of course

Hi Brad,

thank you for your input. My idea for this is not to build a complete website, because this is the way of a classic RW-Theme. With foundation you can easiy add a form or a gallery, which will follow the basic styling of the site. The basic styling and layout is the key for a beautiful website. You can focus on your content.
A different layout means a different template. In my eyes.

Thank you!

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I guess it’s going to come down to price… others offer Foundation Themed Projects that are complete where it looks like yours is a set of different stylings with the same layout. Yes, the layout can be modified, 100% completely redone to the end users desires, but it is still just styling imho.

I’m not being critical, just trying to get you the best beginner Foundations user response for purchases.[quote=“jochenabitz, post:3, topic:5906”]
The basic styling and layout is the key for a beautiful website.


Just offering my 2 cents :wink:


Hi Brad,

thank you for your 2 cent. :slight_smile:
OK, you think the peaple want a complete website? Mmh. If i use Form Stacks, it will require the next package of foundation. I wanted a theme with some basic Stacks. Mmmh. I have to think about it, because the resonance of my template was nearly zero…


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Hallo Jochen,
I guess you will get more feedback after supplying a live demo page.
Greetz, Jannis


@jochenabitz - your offering could be fine if the ‘Price is Right’ - say $10 dollars for a hand full of Templates. Personally, I think users will get more value by following Joe Workman’s videos and creating their own Templates using Foundation tools. Your concept reminds me of the BigFoot, Templates in the earlier days of Stacks - to meet one’s requirement meant too much mucking around pulling out the stuff you didn’t need.

Hi all,
first i have to thank you all for your feedback.
A foundation template will not make the knowledge for foundation unnecessary. But designing the concept of a website is another part. And this is what my idea was, of creating a starting point for a good site.

You can not see it in the video, but there are some very special concepts in this template.

  • The body content scrolls above the header image.
  • The header image has an gradient at the bottom, made with a stack, not in the image. Drag and drop an image and it will have a gradient.
  • i build lines as a divider made with soft edges, completely with foundation stacks (i will make a tutorial for this for free soon).

I think it is time for a live page in the next days. :slight_smile:


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NOW lacking in inspiration - I’ve just purchase a couple of your foundation templates. I’m a bit of a “cut-it $ paster” so I purchae a couple of Wedeesign projects/templates as well.

Hi @kpryce1
which ones did you get, can you give a “first impressions” of them?

Hi I’ve purchased California/Coffee/Partials Magic. I particularly like California, although I’ve used all 3 purchases in my sites (which are not on-line yet). I Haven’t used anyone in ‘total’ but as there are some great designs pieces in them I have used them all in parts. Thinking of buying Resort next

Regards Ken

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Hi @kpryce1 , thank you for your report!
I think this is the main advantage for Foundation projects: You can take interesting parts and can include them in your own projects. You are not bound to a theme. If you own a collection of projects, you have solutions for many different tasks. Glad you like it.

Regards, Jochen

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I really can recommend Architect:

See it in action here:

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