Privacy notice custom font? Sidebar only in summery blog view?

I’m trying to get the Privacy notice to show as a custom font. I’m using a google font and have embedded the font in the header. The Privacy dismiss button seems to be showing in the custom font, but the Privacy message isn’t at the moment. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong.

I’m also trying to work out if there’s a way to have the sidebar show on the blog summery page, but disappear when you click through to an individual blog post. Doesn’t anyone know if this is possible?

Rapidweaver: Version 8.0.3
Theme: Michael David Design - Anthem

isn’t there any setting possible in the theme’s settings?
It seems like the font is inherited and into the privacy section the font Quicksand-Medium is used. If I am correct.

If you can not change the font for the privacy policy in the theme’s settings, you could insert a few lines of code into the CSS section.
Try the following:

#rapidweaver_privacy_message {
font-family: name_of_your_font_here;

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