Putting a border around a Reveal Lightbox linked from inside Accordion

Building a site using Foundation. On one page, I have an Accordion stack of questions and answers and one of the Accordion answers uses a Reveal Lightbox with a paragraph stack in it, to expand on the answer. When that Reveal with the text in it comes up, I would like it to have a border around it. But I have not been able to make that happen. I can set the border in the Reveal settings but it appears, empty, on my Preview page more or less where I have the Reveal Lightbox sitting on the Edit page. That stack will apparently not go inside the Accordion stack, it is just linked to from there. I have it sitting at the bottom of the Edit page and when I put a border around it, that border appears, empty, at the bottom of the Preview page.

Not really essential but I wonder if there is a way to do that. And does anyone know if there is a particular place on the Foundation Edit page where a Reveal Lightbox is supposed to go? Bottom of the Edit page seems to work fine except for this problem with the border. But I have never found anything telling me if there is a right place to put it.

Maybe the Lightbox will just not do everything when linked from inside an Accordion stack that it would do if it were linked from, say, a button or maybe a link in a column paragraph.

Can you provide a link to the page where we can see the element you would like to have a border?

It’s just in my computer right now. The element is the lightbox of a Joe Workman Reveal Lightbox stack. The link to it is in text inside a Foundation Accordion stack.

I see. If you have applied the desired styling to the element you want that styling applied to and it’s not producing the expected results then it will probably be necessary to look at the page to see whats going on. If you don’t resolve this and you do publish the project you can always post the url back here.

I understand. On the other hand, somebody may be used to using these particular stacks and know the answer. Otherwise, I will just point it out when I have it published in the next week or so. Thanks.